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Watts Happening Cultural Center designated as a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument!

Mafundi Building_early 2000s.jpg

On April 2021, the Los Angeles Historic Commission unanimously approved the Watts Happening Cultural Center (Mafundi Building) designation as a Historic Cultural Monument! This was a result of FAM's successful efforts in coalition-building and advocacy. 

FAM awarded the 2021 Special Citation for Grassroots Initiative Award by Docomomo US 

Docomomo US, a national modern architecture and design non-profit organization, awarded FAM the Special Citation for Grassroots Initiative Award for our advocacy to preserve the Mafundi Building.

Watts Coffee House recognized as a Legacy Business by the Los Angeles Conservancy


Image by Los Angeles Conservancy

The Los Angeles Conservancy has recognized the Watts Coffee House as a Legacy Business! Watts Coffee House owner and FAM Honorary Board Member Desiree Edwards is featured on the Conservancy's Legacy Business website page.

Watts Happening Cultural Center designated as a National Landmark!


Photo Credit unknown.

With the help of the Los Angeles Conservancy, the Cultural Center was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on October 23, 2023 by a unanimous vote. It is now been awarded all deserving honors - local, state, and national!

Watts Happening Cultural Center receives 2023 Conserving Black Modernism grant!


Photo courtesy of UCLA/Gail Kennard

The Conserving Black Modernism grant addresses the “invisibility of generations of Black architects whose architectural genius, creativity and ingenuity helped shape our national understanding of Modernism”, says Brent Leggs, the senior vice president of the National Trust and director of the Action Fund. The Mafundi Building was designed by two Black architects, Robert Kennard and Arthur Silvers.

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