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Origin Story

In February 2020, Friends At Mafundi (FAM) was formed by a coalition of community stakeholders after learning of the City of Los Angeles’ Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP authorizes a plan to fast-track the demolition of the historic Watts Happening Cultural Center/Mafundi building (also known as the Robert B. Pitts Westminster Neighborhood Center) at 1827/1845 East 103rd Street in Watts. The building and its parking lot have been slated to be replaced with an apartment/housing complex.

FAM’s goals are to have the Mafundi Building designated as a Historic-Cultural Monument, oversee its restoration, and revive its cultural programming, guided by the Watts Prophets Community Education Association.

Map of Watts, California, August 1922. Photo Source: Sanborn Map Company.

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