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Rita Cofield

(Interim) Executive Director & Board Chair

Preservationist, Cultural Resource Manager, Community Advocate, and Public Historian


Ronald "Rudy" Barbee

Board Member

Community Activist & Liaison, Member Friends of the Watts Towers


Lottie Cleveland

Board Member & (Interim) Chair Program Committee

Community Activist, President of Watts Business Association, Watts Ambassador-L. A. South Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneur


Edward "Ed" Landler

Board Member

Community Advocate, Film Historian, Writer, Filmmaker & Director of 'I Build The Tower'


Desiree Edwards

Honorary Board Member

Community Advocate, Entrepreneur, Owner of Watts Coffee House


Amde Hamilton

Honorary Board Member

Poet, Writer, Co-Founder of The Watts Prophets, Ordained Ethiopian Orthodox Priest

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Ronald "Low M.B." Watkins

General Member

Poet, Writer, Community Activist, Musician/Rap Artist, and Co-Founder OFTB

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Danielle Cooksie

General Member

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David Dunson

General Board Member & Broadcasting Program Co-Chair

Community Advocate, Founder of Empowering Many to Make Earnings (EMME) Agency


Pamela Garrett

General Member

Educator, Entrepreneur, Community Advocate & Historian, Event Organizer of Watts Summer Festival


Oshea Luja

Honorary Board Member & Broadcasting Program Co-Chair

Poet, Producer, Artistic Director, a.k.a. Food4Thought, and Co-Founder of Still Waters Writers Workshop


Jaquelyn Badejo

General Member

Community Activist, President of Watts Clean Air & Energy Committee


Marco Barrantes

General Member

Environmental Activist, Contractor, Urban Planner, Certified Permaculture Designer, President of La Loma Development Company

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